Embers Wood Fired

So they say it has been six years now that Embers has been controlled by those two quaint (shall we say) sisters and it appears (well from our point of view) that the partnership ‘Due Sorelle’ works ...well, most of the time.

Generally all is calm on the front line (behind the pass, chaos and insanity still reign supreme), our team of epic wait staff smile, and smile, and hopefully smile some more, while our kitchen team run, and yell and hopefully run some more.

A word from those two:

‘We would like to thank all our patrons even those we won’t be seeing anymore (Miss you always Charles) for your continued support and loyalty. Embers is at times a challenge, and tiring but we enjoy everything it entails, the hours, the many responsibilities but most of all the many friendships we have built.’

Nicci and Missy
(Dominica and Marissa Ferrari)